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Peter Kyte Photography is a London UK based urban & arts photography practice, that has been operational since 2008. Peter’s photographic portfolio covers a variety of image types, including buildings, places and spaces, landscapes, trees and abstract themes. His more recent photographic journey – over the last 2 years – has explored analogue photography, which has included Pinholes, Cyanotypes, Film and Infrared photography, and has also looked into Cameraless photography via Chemigrams and Scanograms.


Peter, whose work is largely London based, is developing different photography projects. He believes it is creatively advantageous to pursue groups of imagery work with a creative brief and project objectives. This has included Tree Portraits, Cyanotypes and Pinholes.

Peter is a Licentiate Member of both the Royal Photographic Society (RPS) and the British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP). He is a Member of the Museums Association and has a teacher training qualification in the Lifelong Learning sector (PTLLS). He is a Chartered Town Planner and Chartered Geographer, running his own planning consultancy for over 34 years. In May 2012 he obtained a City & Guilds Diploma in Photography.

Multiple exposure photography of Southwark Cathedral
Tree portrait by Peter Kyte Photography


Creative expression should be foremost in all of our lives. This can be expressed in many ways but for me it has found itself in urban and arts photography. Recording, celebrating and understanding the visual richness that surrounds me is a strong creative driver for my work.


My work focuses on a combination of urban, fine arts and creative photography, with a strong artistic expression. I seek to not only record what I see around me but also to provide a personal perceptive angle on the environmental experience. My work over time has gravitated towards a more artistic style, focusing on learning new abilities with the camera and analogue techniques.

My more recent work has sought to close the gap between creative artworks and photographic imagery, and at the same time study issues such as light, reflection, movement, perspective and contrast. This has resulted in the Tree Portraits project and also explorations into Cyanotype and Pinhole photography. I also now undertake Infrared photography work, which has involved the IR conversion of my trusty Nikon D300.


My photography has made me into an improved observer and helped me to understand the living environment around me. It has allowed me to push back my creative boundaries and has widened my creative and artistic breadth... I hope that you enjoy this website.

January 2023

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